Bourne House
Spring Terrace
Pool House
Alwyne Place
Pool Pavillion
Horizons Accommodation
Games Room
Hall Cottage
Bromley Farm
Hoop House
Crown House
Bromley Farm


The pair of Low Energy houses replaces a redundant and unloved farm shed. To achieve planning in the rural area the homes are designed as passive Low energy homes. The walls and roofs are super insulated giving heat loss U Values of a betterment 50% enhancement above other new homes. The frame and roofs are constructed with SIP (Structural Insulation Panels). Further insulation was added to the SIP panels which increases the air tightness to the built form. Natural ventilation is promoted by ground floor north facing louvre panels creating airflows through the large central staircase which is purged through top roof lights.

The central staircase and gallery are Shaker inspired forming the focus to the home. Natural timber is used throughout including the external cladding which will age gracefully.

The glorious southern aspect is across open arable fields. The simple yet characterful houses form a pleasant stage for easy contemporary living.

Structural Engineering: Structural Solutions Ltd

SIP's : Kingspan

Client and Contractor: Chaldean Estates Ltd


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